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Lab Propagation
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    We thank you for giving us at Young Home Orchids the opportunity to be one of your partners.Before moving forward, please spend some time reviewing the below notices to understand more on how to proceed our contract lab propagation with you.

Minimum lab propagation quantity:

  1. Each variety are propagated in our lab more than 30 thousand plants per year.

Quality control

  1. Young Home Orchids would not propagate and reserves the right to cancel the contract of client’s varieties which is not of his/her property or do not have the exclusive rights of the product. And varieties of are already in production at Young Home Orchids.
  2. In order to assure your raw materials are clean (virus-free), please use the information of ‘Raw Materials‘ as a reference to deliver the spike(s).
  3. Process of delivering raw materials (spikes) to us, kindly keep at least one bloom for each spike and provide us the flowering plant’s photo. We would require these information for our reference, and also to avoid any future arguments or plant variety dispute.
  4. Each material (spikes) are coded individually and are directly sent to an authenticated lab using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for virus checks. In case the material(s) are contaminated, Young Home Orchids will isolate this specific code, then will inform their clients and stop the propagation.
  5. Young Home Orchids will start the propagation based on the agreement of contract with both parties’ signature. In case, in need of modifying your schedule or contract, please reach out to our regional sales representatives six months in advance before delivery. After discussions and confirmations on both parties, Young Home Orchids will produce according to the renewed agreement.


  1. We deliver glass flasks; for clients that require PP flasks for delivery, please inform us in advance before upon receival of your material (spike), an additional NTD 0.5 for each plant will be charged.
  2. Our plants go through thorough quality checks before shipment. If you have any questions about our plant quality, please contact us within two weeks once you receive the plants.

Payment term

  1. Our regional sales representative will send an AR statement or invoice to our clients, please remit the payment via telegraphic transfer 30 days after delivery.